Things have thawed out around Boston and it’s time to turn up the heat for food justice!

The meeting is this coming Tuesday @ 8:30 PM at Encuentro 5 [right by Park St Station].

Please come along! Feel free to bring food and/or your ideas to share with the group! Up for discussion this coming meeting is no small matter: we must elect a new treasurer and contact person(s), as the current leader of these efforts is stepping down.

Please come and help us forge the strongest-yet generation of waste-conscious, war-machine/destruction-opposed, food-and-life-sharing self-structured network & awareness group we can be! Or just help us fill some growling stomachs along the way :-)

Facebook event at https://www.facebook.com/events/1573430346247805/

The growing core of Boston FNB’ers would like to invite all that are interested in keeping the movement growing to a potluck-style meeting at Encuentro 5 (click link for directions), December 11th at 7PM.

This is a meeting of Food Not Bombs for all members – 1st-timers and all those who continue to build upon our history – at which we will do what we do best: share food!

Meet with us to discuss kitchens to cook out of, recent meals, sites for food donations, and also enjoy food with others who share our belief that food is a right, not a privilege.

Should you be able to bring a meal, please do so, but if you can’t, come along and help us consider methods for improving our food-sharing ways. (Please label your meal accordingly – e.g. vegan, potential allergins, etc.)

Please comment on, share, or RSVP to the Facebook Event Posting to help spread the word!

Food Not Bombs Boston had a great showing at the recent HONK! Festival in Cambridge and Somerville. After the Sunday Parade, we served a meal in Winthrop Square near Harvard: root vegetable roast, eggplant stir fry, hearty soup, and more rice than you can shake a head of cabbage at! We didn’t make a float this year (shout out to FNBers of old!) but we did have our trusty sign and small-scale banner, as well as the bike cart looking as magnificent as ever in the background.

It was great to see everyone and all of the amazing bands at HONK! We handed out flyers and talked to people about using free vegan food to fight hunger, poverty, and the unjust systems we live in. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen.

We’re continuing to plan more meals, food runs, meetings, and shows of activist solidarity this fall, so stay tuned! For more frequent (but not too frequent!) updates, subscribe to our email list at http://fnbboston.org/sign-up-for-the-fnb-email-list/

New members welcome!

We are currently looking for new members – FNB Boston needs your help! If you have an interest in joining our cause to help support one another, in a fight against poverty and hunger, rather than demolishing “others” with bombs and/or capitalist subjugation, please email us at fnbboston [at] gmail.com or call 508-44FOOD3.  We have two upcoming meetings, open to the general public: the first is at the Lucy Parsons Center, in Jamaica Plain which is scheduled to take place 10/9/2014, and the next is scheduled for 10/16/2014 (location yet to be finalized). You can also join our mailing list at RiseUp.Net to receive regular meeting and other announcements, or join the discussion on our Facebook group at Boston Food Not Bombs.

[Note: This page is no longer active! Instead, please see this facebook group instead]

Food Not Bombs Boston has a new Facebook page. Stay tuned to us in the wacky world of social media by “liking” our Facebook page here:




Occupy Allston-Brighton is having its first General Assembly on Thursday 12/15/11 at 7pm. Location is TBA. For more information visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/242184102515386/

Food Not Bombs has officially endorsed the “Occupy Allston-Brighton” neighborhood initiative, and will be providing a free meal for all who attend Thursday’s GA.


Veteran activist and Food Not Bombs co-founder C. T. Lawrence Butler is teaching three workshop sessions at Occupy Boston, courtesy of Free School University and the Facilitators Working Group. We are honored to have C. T. Butler here to help us, since, when it comes to consensus, he literally wrote the book!

Consensus: So That All Voices May Be Heard
A Workshop with C. T. Butler
Monday, October 31 and Tuesday, November 1, 2011
1 pm to 2:30 pm

Confused, frustrated, hopeful, or exhausted with consensus so far? Consensus is a process that takes years to master. C. T. Butler and team want to help you of Occupy Boston do what you’re already doing (direct democracy) better. Whether you’ve had formal training or not, come to this workshop to deepen your understanding of what consensus is and is not, its structure and its inherent paradigm shifts. What’s wrong with voting? How can groups handle dominant people? Does consensus have to take so long? Bring your questions to C. T.!

Facilitation Workshop
C. T. Butler
Tuesday, November 1, 2011
3 pm to 5 pm

Interested in joining the Occupy Boston general Assembly facilitation team or learning better skills for your committees, working groups, and affinity groups? What is the role of the facilitator in consensus and leaderless movements? Join us in developing Occupy Boston’s expertise in large and small group facilitation, so that all voices may be heard!

C.T. Lawrence Butler is co-founder of Food Not Bombs. From that leaderless, consensus-based international movement and his activism against war, nuclear power, and oppressions, Butler wrote the definitive work On Conflict and Consensus. It is the only model of consensus specifically designed to interrupt privilege and oppression. His latest book, Consensus for Cities, is designed for groups of up to 100,000. As a front-line activist, Butler has been arrested over fifty times in non-violent direct action.


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